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- For Group communication and newsletters.

- Customer information is more detailed with the use of more than 13 cases for each individual.

- Unlimited number of people to send and receive.

- Quick installation mailer server via SMTP (Gmail,Yahoo,...) or your own.

- Support direct mode or run periodically (CRON JOB with password protect).

- Display process send mail, receive mail and read mail. Statistics are potential customers for you.

- Allowed attachments, easily customizable interface, mail merge feature is also supported.

- Users are added manually or directly. Support txt file, csv large standard ASCII and UTF-8.

- Customer classification. Support avatars help you identify quickly and easily.

- Users can update automatically through their mail confirmation

- Customize the easy interface, the visual. Supports two popular formats HTML and Plantext, Plantext can convert automatically.

- Users can stop receiving e-mail. This helps to increase the rate to mail in inbox.


With the basic features, we hope mailfast will help a lot in your business



Change-log Version 2.0.0

- Support multiple mailer account.

- Import data via excel, fix error csv, txt file.

- Only use 1 link for cronjob, automatically arrange priority.

- Fix results throught chart

- Custom fields (Add, edit, remove - Set values and syntax)

- Support multiple subscribe & newsletter form

- Upgrade HTML and Sheet editor and file management

- Allow use accounts that limited

  • Support:5 tickets + Forums
  • Free 6-month subscription
  • Requirements:PHP 5.2.4+ / MySQL 5.0.4+ / See details here
  • Web Browsers:IE IE7+ / Chrome / Firefox 2+ / Opera 9.5 / Safari
  • Version:2.0.0 (Monday, 11 November 2013)

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